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Sorry. Because of COVID 19 diseases, the gig is canceled for tomorrow. We're trying to catch up on the concert in early 2023 with the same bands at the same location. Sorry.


We will also play some concerts in 2023. Among others in Mannheim, Nuremberg and Tournai (Belgium). Take a look at Live. Soon more information will come where and when exactly and with whom we will play in each case.



We are part of the compilation "Sick to your guts" Vol.6 with the song T-Trägergesichtsmassage from our newest output "Grindecade". See here



Back from Sommerfest @ Kopernikus in Hannover. It was a real plessure. We would be happy to come back to Hannover at any time. Finally, there was a great moshpit. Thanks. That´s the way it has to be.



There are still a few concerts coming up this year. The next on September 2nd, 2022 in Hannover @ Kopernikus (Summer Festival)



We're going to play in Denmark in October and still looking for some gigs on the road between Copenhagen and Aachen. Get in contact with our drummer if you're interested in booking us:



First Review for our newest output "GrinDECADE" is online.You can read it here: UNDERDOG and/or here: REVIEWS

HOT. We are allowed to make noise together with the ingenious 
UR-IN-STINKT in AZ Wuppertal. On Wednesday, June 1st we're going to play and destroy, destroy, destroy! And then Ur-In-Stinkt trample everything that's still there. Wuppertal in ruins.


DOCUMENT 6 participate the sampler "NAZIS KAPUTT Vol. 3" with the Song "AUSBEUTUNG" from GRINDCOREGASMUS release. It´s a Sampler against fascism, racism and against every totalitarian shit.
You can get the CD Infoportal für antifaschistische Kultur & Politik aus MV - stay rude – stay rebel – stay antifa


Our next work will be soon released. We hope still in May this year. It's called "GrinDECADE" (subtitle: Ten Times Grind For Ten Years Grind) to mark the tenth anniversary of DOCUMENT 6. And this time the thing is really a shocker.


We are happy to announce the release date for the tape version and the CD version with bonus material on it. So, available from January 28th 2022 at THE HILLS ARE DEAD RECORDS.



THE HILLS ARE DEAD RECORDS will soon release a tape version of the new album "Grindcoregasmus". Exclusively for THE HILLS ARE DEAD a three minutes long Deathmetal bonus track called "Grindcoregasmus" will be included. If you are interested in the tape, please contact us.


A pressed pre-release of the new album including artwork has reached us. Soon we will receive the first CDs. Who wants to have one of the few CDs...for 12 Euro including packaging and shipping you can get the CD at (mail) contact(at)


You can hear one of our new songs from the album "GRINDCOREGASMUS" called "Blockenegro" here "SICK TO YOUR GUTS Volume No. 5". (click me)


We have made a new video. The video should be released if we release our new album "Grindcoregasmus". Even though the release date should be in May, we hope that ENDWAR RECORDS will release it soon and then you can see the video. Until then some pictures in anex.

Greetz and stay brutal


There is a fresh new interview online on CROSSFIRE WEBZINE. Take a look (click me).



It´s done. Today we handed out all the songs and the booklet design for our new album to ENDWAR RECORDS.

Now we will rehaerse a setlist so that we are theoretically ready to play live at any time.



We working hard for our new album. Is seems that the new album will be ready in May. 

So - stay brutal.



iWe working for new recording. Release date for the next output is May 2021. First example here: YOUTUBE (click me)



A sign of life. Even if we are not going to make concerts we are still active. At the moment we have 5 new songs and we want to release a Split called "GrindcOr(e)gasmus" next year. We working for it. The next release will have a better recording and producing but the most will be more GRIND. The world needs more blastbeat.



A short YouTube Review of our latest album GRINDPA´S HOBBY

To see it click here - (click me)



Another reviews are made. Time-For-Metal-Zine & Crossfire-Zine made one.

The review can be found under the link. (click me)



He has done it again. Adrian from TOTGEHÖRT made a cool review.

The review can be found under the link. (click me)



First review of "Grindpas Hobby" arrived. The brilliant Fred from the Underground Zine wrote something about the album. After reading, we don't know whether he thinks the album is good or bad ..... but ... doesn't really matter. Anyway, he wrote a really cool review. Thanks Fred
The review can be found under the link. (click me)



The new album called "GRINDPAS HOBBY" is finished. 19 songs (approx. 36 min.) + 1 song bonus (+ approx. 6 min.) Real D.I.Y. manner. In the last few days we will get the physical CD. The title song of the album "Grindpas Hobby" can already be seen on YouTube (see here). The album can be pre-ordered from today for a small fee of 6 euros + 3.55 € (worldwide) shipping. More info bald. Greetz and stay brutal!



At the moment we working for our next release. But today we released a video of our last release. Take a look here (click me).



Since today, all lyrics and song titles for our next album are fixed. We will try to release the next album next year. Which one of the songtitles will be the title of the next album?

Ca. 40 minutes and 19 Songs.


01 Kryptoszene

02 KäFleCo

03 Grindpa`s Hobby

04 Hass

05 Midnightballern

06 Vorfahrt

07 Scheiße

08 Treblinka

09 Meinungsteilung

10 Circlepit

11 60 Millionen

12 Gottphantasie

13 Ungerechtigkeitsadvokat

14 Inhaftiert

15 Bürgers Alpdruck

16 Hirnsperrung

17 Mein Faust dein Fress

18 Irgendwann

19 Dunkle Schatten

Which one of the song titles will be the title of the next album?

Greetz and stay brutal



We are working for our next album. We think in the beginning of 2020 we wil release it.

And now we are part of v.a. "Holy Shit I" (Clabasster Records).



DOCUMENT 6 is part of "Sick Musik to your Guts - Vol III".

(click me)



New reviews online.

Take a look - click here



Our album´s first music video is out now and the album is completely finished. You can get it now - message us.



Soon it´s done.Today we will finish the recordings. Our new album will finally be released in a few weeks! Have fun with our teaser.... ...IN GRIND WE TRUST!

Teaser zum neuen Album "Grind (r)evolution" (Click here)



After the gig @Rockheaven 02.02.2019 we recommed "MENSHCENFRESSER" and we hope to see MENSCHENFRESSER again soon. Until then, we working hard for our next album. And soon we will upload a video from our gig with Menschenfresser.



First concert for 2019:

02.02.2019 Dürboslar im "Rockheaven"      with:

       - Menschenfresser

       - Godmachine

 Facebook Event click here.



We hope to release soon our next album. We will see. But for the moment we have uploaded a new live video. Click here



Next concert in Berlin. 13.10.2018. More info soon.



Here you can see a livepart of our concert in Dedemsvaart (NL) - click me



Last weekend, we have recorded a new album. But yesterday during rehearsal we made two new songs. So we are already working diligently on other songs.



OK - new Album - Grind (r)evolution - is recorded. Now it needs time for mastering. In ca. 12 wweks this will be done. Then we want to start to be more active live because the first concert with new line up in Dedemsvaart (NL) was great. see here :-) Greetz



Our next concert and the first one with new line up

will start at May 12th 2018 in

Café Marktzicht

De Markt 25, 7701 GW Dedemsvaart, Overijssel, Netherlands.

Two cool other bands will be part of this great evening.
More Infos soon.........................



Now we have a projector screen as banner for upcoming concerts later this year. We will project a video onto the screen parallel to each song.



We will go to studio in April/Mai 2018. We are happy :-) Stay Brutal.



We have a new video online! Take a look.

Christmas Grindcore Song



Our new guitarhero Frank is on board and we have new bandpics online. Have fun :-)



Yesterday we finished the recording of our video "Sexist". The video will be released with our next album. We can already say: It will be bloody. Thanks to CARENA and FRANK for your support without this video would not be possible.



Yesterday we had prominent visit for an interview. Tigga will publish the interview soon. Take a look on his YouTube channel. See you and stay grind.



We working hard for a new setlist. Some songs are ready and there are many Ideas for a new album which will be recorded after completion of the setlist. AH PUCH is with us.



After a good rehearsal yesterday we made some new bandpictures.

Soon we will have a new setlist.



Because some people ask for. We make a short break because of an accident of our drummer by bike but we hope to make further in the next weeks after he is 100% OK.



New Guy on Bass - ROB!
He will play the Bass(e)ball bat!



Document 6 lives. Today, the first rehearsal with new bandmembers. The first new song is already finished. It is very very grindig, that is promised! In future we will return where we started with DOCUMENT 6, because the lyrics will be in GERMAN language! The new people on guitar and bass will be introduced to you in the next days. So long thanks for the fish.




Until there are new songs you can see me live together with BRUTAL SPHINCTER (GoreGrind from Belgium).

Maybe I find new musicians otherwise I will make DOCUMENT 6 as One-Man-Project.

You can be curious ........ Thanks to all who supported DOCUMENT 6 ... see you in the PIT


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