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Yesterday we finished the recording of our video "Sexist". The video will be released with our next album. We can already say: It will be bloody. Thanks to CARENA and FRANK for your support without this video would not be possible.



Yesterday we had prominent visit for an interview. Tigga will publish the interview soon. Take a look on his YouTube channel. See you and stay grind.



We working hard for a new setlist. Some songs are ready and there are many Ideas for a new album which will be recorded after completion of the setlist. AH PUCH is with us.



After a good rehearsal yesterday we made some new bandpictures.

Soon we will have a new setlist.



Because some people ask for. We make a short break because of an accident of our drummer by bike but we hope to make further in the next weeks after he is 100% OK.



New Guy on Bass - ROB!
He will play the Bass(e)ball bat!



Document 6 lives. Today, the first rehearsal with new bandmembers. The first new song is already finished. It is very very grindig, that is promised! In future we will return where we started with DOCUMENT 6, because the lyrics will be in GERMAN language! The new people on guitar and bass will be introduced to you in the next days. So long thanks for the fish.




Until there are new songs you can see me live together with BRUTAL SPHINCTER (GoreGrind from Belgium).

Maybe I find new musicians otherwise I will make DOCUMENT 6 as One-Man-Project.

You can be curious ........ Thanks to all who supported DOCUMENT 6 ... see you in the PIT



Last gig last Tuesday. We thank all who supported us there.
Now we are making a break to concentrate on our next album.
The next scheduled gig is on April 14, 2017 in Fontaine L'Évêque (BE) in the MCP Apache.
Until then, we hope to have made a lot of new songs, which we will present for the first time there.

See U!



Back from Emmen (NL). It was a great show in Huize Spoorloos. Very cool place and brilliant people there. This gig was fun. Thanks to all who have supported us. Special thanks to Timon and the whole team from Huize Spoorloos. Great. Thanks for vegan food and drinks and so much more. Also thanks to the guys from GRABEN. You are awesome.
Next Stop: 13 Times Fest



Back from Engoreserfest. It was a pleasure for us. Thanks to all who supported us. Special thanks to Dirk, Stefan Schäfer and Rike. Next stop is EMMEN (Netherland) September 17th.


Great news. Document 6 will be part of ENGORESERFEST in Salzgitter (Germany), Friday September 9th 2016.

What a show in Oldenburg @ PunkAPlatz. Thanks to all who supported us. Thanks for the great moshpit.

It was funny! Special thanks to Moje and the team from PunkAPlatz and of course to Sven.

Thus Reg celebrated on guitar a really successful debut and since we are currently diligently incorporated another new guitarist we hope that we wil be on stage again with two guitars in Emmen (NL) in September 17th.
See U!
OK. The search for a new second guitar throws much light on Document 6.
Especially from sexists, fascists and people who hate veganism.
These people denounce us for our opinion.
We say: FUCK YOU!
Nobody is forcing you to grapple with our opinions.
It's a chance.
We have used these chance and made decisions.
The decision to stand for humans and animals rights and to minimize suffering.
If DOCUMENT 6 provokes you in that points, then DOCUMENT 6 arrived in Grindcore finally!
We remain politically!
Things changing ...
Unfortunately we have to inform that we have new line-up changes on the guitar. This, however, we will play all of our concerts and it will continue working on a new disc.
What a night!
Great Set from Brujeria, crazy show and crazy people! Thanks to the Venue, Edu and all the people! We had a blast!!

Now we focus on our upcoming Album. Stay tuned!

We have had a great tour and at the moment we working hard for 30.06.2016.
There we will play with the great BRUJERIA in Krefeld. See U!

Once again a brilliant weekend behind us. We say thanks to our friends for the great response and support. Thanks for all of your hard work organize concerts and invite us, especially WIM and ROB this weekend. Thank to the audience that you visited our shows, headbanging, moshing, buy our stuff. THX for make  conversations with us. Also thanks to the cool bands this weekend, especially CLITGORE, STILL BIRTH, HUMAN VIVISECTION and Matrak Attakk. Thanks also to Germain from Brutal Sphincter and Dego from Glasgow! We can not thank all by name here, but you are in our mind. We know your faces!

Next stop: EUROPE TOUR:

14.05.2016 Roeselare (Belgium), De Verlichte Geest
15.05.2016 Rotenburg (Wümme), Villa Rotenburg
16.05.2016 Liège (Belgium), Smile Cafe
17.05.2016 Lübeck (Germany), VEB
18.05.2016 Riga (Latvia), Depo
19.05.2016 Vilnius (Lithuania), XI20 DIY club
20.05.2016 Bologna (Italy), Xm24
21.05.2016 Milano (Italy), Casa Occupata Gorizia
22.05.2016 Russe (Bulgaria) , MetalClub Legacy Ruse
23.05.2016 Cluj-Napoca (Romania), LMA Collective
24.05.2016 Budapest (Hungary), Auróra Klub
25.05.2016 Szentes (Hungary), Ifjúsági Ház (w/ SIN OF GOD)
26.05.2016 Zagreb (Croatia), Route 66
27.05.2016 Subotica (Serbia), Clash Club (w/ SIN OF GOD)
28.05.2016 Szeged (Hungary), Pulzus Café

Thanks and Greetz



We have made some new pics (take a look) and soon we can publish that we will play with a really great band in June.



Thanks to SONIC BALLROOM in Cologne and the audience in cologne. Great show in a great city with fantastic people. Thanks for that. Next stop Wermelskirchen next Saturday.



What a blast! 3 crazy days with Fleshless!
Perfect last gig of the mini tour at the Limes Cologne. Today we sadly accept that there is no concert for us today. Next gig is Saturday in Mönchengladbach and February is for songwriting!

Stay tuned and thanks for the great time to everyone on the tour!!!

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