Since 2012 - Grindcore is (e)evolution

Frank (Guitar/Vocals)

Rob (Bass/Vocals)

Rolf (Drums/Vocals)


DOCUMENT 6 is derived from 6th document that proves the existence of Ah Puch.

God of death & demon who bring his victims in the 6 hells, whose master he is.

In this case, this 6 hells do not understand how in today's sense as a place but as a soul or state of mind in which all the injustice and cruelty of the world is recognized.
In this state of mind injustice and cruelty can not displaced and because of this the victim will suffer without an end.
Ah Puch is known as a skeleton-like appearance with a crocodile-like back, and two omens announce its arrival: A dog (symbol of loyalty) and a kind of owl (symbol of knowledge).



Rolf König

c/o Document 6



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